What can I do to ensure the best viewing experience of HD Live Concerts (HDLC) on my computer?

For an optimal viewing experience we recommend a minimum 2.0 GHz Dual Core processor, 1 GB of memory and 128 MB of video RAM. A high-speed broadband internet connection of 2mbps or greater is also recommended.
You may test your connection speed for free on the HDLC home page.
I don’t have a very fast internet connection. Can I still enjoy the High Definition (HD) videos on HD Live Concerts?
Please see question one above for recommended system requirements specifically for High Definition videos. If those requirements are not met, the concerts will be viewable in Standard Definition.
Will I be able to access my account from any computer and/or internet connection?

Yes, you will be able to access your account from any computer and enjoy HDLC, as long as the computer you are using meets the minimum system requirements.
The video playback is choppy and/or stalling. What can I do to fix it?

The player should not stall under normal circumstances. If you are constantly experiencing problems with stalling or choppy playback, please check the following:
Ensure that your computer meets the minimum hardware and software requirements. Streaming video playback is extremely CPU intensive. If your CPU is running at or above about 75% you will likely encounter issues with sluggish or choppy playback. You can check your CPU usage by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del and then selecting "Task Manager". CPU usage percentages are listed under the "Performance" tab. (On a Mac, go to "Applications", then choose "Utilities" and open the "Activity Monitor.") You can reduce your CPU usage by closing other programs and background services which you have running at the same time as your web browser.
Some antivirus programs, internet security applications and/or content filters may interfere with the Media Player’s ability to provide uninterrupted playback by preventing timely delivery of the video content. Temporarily disabling these types of programs while viewing the website content may afford you a more enjoyable playback experience. For information on how to disable a specific program, please contact the software vendor.

Account Questions

Do I need to set up a membership account?

Yes, all HD Live Concerts customers will need to have an active membership account.
Can I preview a concert before deciding to purchase?

Because the performances are broadcast live, we cannot offer a preview of an actual concert. HDLC offers a video preview clip to introduce customers to the HD Live Concerts experience.

How much does HD Live Concerts cost?

Each concert costs $10 (United States).
Are repeat performances of the concert available?

Upon purchasing an individual concert, you have 48 hours from the time of the performance to view the concert. We realize that time differences may make the convenience of playback vary throughout the world.  Therefore, 48 hours gives everyone a chance to playback regardless of where the performance took place. 
It appears as though my transaction has been processed, but I am unable to play the selected video. How can I solve this problem?

First, please make sure that your computer and internet connection meet all of the system requirements detailed above. If the problem is not resolved, users should contact us at ____________ or call customer service at _______________.
How can I update the expiration date for the billing credit card on my membership account?

Visit the "Your Account" section of the site, select "manage your payment methods" and then "edit" the card you wish to update. Once you have updated the expiration date, click "save."

Product Questions

What is the difference between high-definition videos and standard-definition videos?

HD Live Concerts shoots performances in high-definition video, offering the highest quality in terms of picture clarity and sound offering a viewing experience on your computer that delivers noticeably sharper images and improved sound quality.
What is the aspect ratio for HDLC video performances?

High-definition videos are presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio, while standard-definition videos present in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Users may need to adjust their screen resolution settings to find the right setting for enjoying HD Live Concerts performances on any given computer.
Can I download an HDLC performance to my iPod or a DVD?
No, all HDLC performances are only available for streaming through the HD Live Concerts website.
Can I watch HD Live Concerts videos on my television?

If you already have your computer connected to your television, you should be able to view the concerts on your television with connected audio as well.

Contact Information

Who can I contact if I continue to experience problems hearing and/or viewing concerts on HDLiveConcerts.com?

Please send an email to promotions@HDLiveConcerts.com

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