How It Works for the Concert Viewer

Just check the concert schedule on the home page and see when your favorite artist is scheduled to appear on HDLC. Become a member of the site. Membership is free. Reserve your seat by paying for the concert. We advise you to reserve early to assure availability of ‘seats’ because bandwidth for each concert is limited and events can ‘sell out.’ Just before the time of the concert’ scheduled start, log in and enjoy the show! You can even invite your friends.

How it Works for the Venue

HDLC is an excellent resource for venues that may want to increase the number of ‘tickets’ sold to their events. The world is so interconnected that bringing patrons into the house doesn’t always mean having bodies on the floor. You can now have thousands ‘attend’ concerts at your location and create ancillary revenue for each event at your venue. Please contact HDLC if you are interested in having HDLC broadcast a concert from your location.

How it Works for the Artist

HDLC is committed to having the artist presented in the highest quality professional streaming broadcast that is available. HDLC provides a way for artists to reach the widest audience possible from wherever you may be performing in the world. We are also committed to artists’ rights and pay appropriate publishing and performance fees for each live concert.